Busy Board NZ Review

We were asked by the Busy Board team if we would like to give one of their boards a go! I was interested to see what Eli would think of a toy like this and if it could occupy him for more than 5 mins. I’m also a big cheerleader and fan of New Zealand businesses and love to see what cool things you all create.

Here is a little bit about the boards

  • Educational toy for boys and girls
  • Montessori concept tool (develop your child motor skills, intellect and imagination)
  • Eco-friendly and from natural materials



The overall concept of the board is great! A lot of different activities all connected on a board is very convenient for mums so they aren’t bringing out all these different toys and the child isn’t getting overwhelmed with everything around them. It’s all on a board (no mess)! Easy to store, and easy to bring out and put away.

The great thing about Busy Board is that you can pick and choose what you want on the board. There are a lot of different options, whether you are wanting a board full of activities or a board with a little less on it, the Busy Board team will customise it for you. Great right?!

I loved the door with the latch, Eli had a lot of fun trying to get into it and when he did he found a surprise, numbers from one to ten inside the door. I also liked the puzzle, I thought it was a great activity and Eli and I enjoyed doing that together.

Eli loved the play phone and the colourful cogs that he spent a lot of time spinning.



A few of the activities were a bit flimsy and Eli pulled the little touch light off in seconds so the batteries were exposed.

I think for Eli, there was a little too much on the board and he got overwhelmed so he didn’t play with it for as long as I was hoping.

It also requires constant parental supervision and because some of the activities were a little flimsy I didn’t want Eli to play with the board even if I was in the same room but not sitting down with him giving it my full attention.


My cons are things that can be altered and changed very easily. I reckon with a few adjustments this activity board is going to be such a hit!

Thanks to the team at Busy Boards NZ for giving us the opportunity to review a board! You can find them on Instagram here and you can purchase one here


Emma x

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