New Haakaa Noodle Spoon

We are such big fans of Haakaa. We love what they are all about, we love how environmentally friendly they are, we love that they are a NZ company – we just love them. So when an opportunity came up to test one of their new products I had to put my hand up! 

So here it is – The Noodle Spoon! Yes thats right! No more spending copious amounts of time twirling your children’s noodles or spaghetti onto their fork while your dinner gets cold. Now they can do it themselves – WOOP WOOP! 


It is a uniquely designed and shaped spoon perfect for little hands. It is designed to assist children to scoop their own noodles or spag in a motion that is both natural and easy. 

It also comes in 7 colour varieties – Black, Grey, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Orange 

Here are a few key features:

  • 100% Food grade silicone 
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Safe and soft against your children’s gums 
  • Upward scoop design allows more noodles to be caught than a regular spoon or fork
  • Dishwasher and heat safe 
  • Parents can eat their own dinner without helping with noodles or spag – Yay


Ava tried it out first – her verdict? She absolutely loved it! She told me it made eating her spaghetti so easy and fun. She has always had an issue with noodles and spag so I was very interested to see how she would go with it. She is nearly 7 and the spoon fit nicely into her hand. So its not just for little kids! 



Eli hasn’t had a go with the spoon yet, he has just got the hang of using a regular spoon and fork (He uses the Haakaa bamboo fork and spoon) so he isn’t interested in this one yet but when he does give this one a go I will let you all know! 

You can purchase the noodle spoon here  – They are on pre order at the moment and are expected to arrive late July!

So once again Haakaa have produced the goods! Another winning product! We can’t wait to see what you bring out next! 


Emma x

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